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16 des 2013 17:41:17
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Dachs : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
13 juny 2013 16:49:45
Various people in the world take the home loans from various creditors, because that's easy.

La Cúpula : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
6 ag 2012 08:11:03
He tenido la oportunidad de comer varias veces y cada vez me sorprenden la variedad de platos, sabores, aromas, es unico y sus precios los mejores, imposible de no visitarlo.

Elsa y Fred Gastrobar : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
30 jul 2012 18:19:36
I was about to go in here for a menu del dia last week and I was met at the door by an English speaking guy who started recommending a carpaccio dish. It reminded me suddenly of the guys who stand outside the restaurants on Passeig Joan de Borbo, so it turned me off and I went into Candela instead. Is he a tout?

Elsa y Fred Gastrobar : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
30 juny 2012 20:26:35
Cool,clean,charismatic with character. Great venue for a glass of vino or a tasty tapas meal. Presentation and atmosphere super. Staff friendly and attentive. Owner run places are always a step above.

Elsa y Fred Gastrobar : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
17 gen 2010 23:05:24
What a great concept for two world-traveled foodies in love with Spain. Vinya Roel is a place where a high quality wine store is combined with a trendier restaurant. The hostess was pleasant. Our booth was lined in horsehair, and she told us our server would be there to take our umbrellas and coats. Instead, a snooty prick with attitude never took out coats, but immediately and inconveniently rearranged the table runner to double for our booth in case we were messy. He slopped some sparkling water in our glasses - an ounce to start. He poked his electronic ticket beside us for other guests, left our empty plates and bottles on the table even after we pushed them to the edge for him not miss. Sommelier? Ha! Uncorked the bottle and slung in a taste before dripping wine down the bottle and our glasses. The Maitre'de came to explain the courses, and pushed food explaining that the courses we chose (main courses) were too small. I had a excellent first course artichoke omelette,my wife some fried calamari that could have been from a frozen bag. Yes, they had a couvert which we did not eat but were charged since we did have the bread. The waiter treated other guests the same reaching across the table to clear our plates. The Maitre'de clearly has no concept of what grams are when it comes to seafood and we used our iPhone to confirm the deception. My wife had two shrimp as her main course with a little garlic butter drizzled on top and my "Alician crab" was an appetizer of bread crumbs and shredded crab - ugh. Not a smile, not a thank you. A big never again for us and suggestions not to go for others as well. Too many good restaurants inBarcelona to deal with this.

Vinya-Roel : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
14 juny 2009 19:46:09
Buena paella y mejores arroces. El servicio impecable y discreto. Recomiendo el salón bodeguilla que es muy pintoresco.

La Canasta : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
31 oct 2008 18:46:54
Honorio: Your Chinese on the corner probably has more options because it's a Chinese, not a Japanese... Plus, spaghetti is an Italian food - you should probably be trying something more oriental. :)

Shunka : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
26 oct 2008 10:28:53
I particularly enjoyed my visit to El Petit Bangkok, but it's certainly the smallest restaurant I've ever been in. The curry chicken is excellent; and the wok-stirred-beef a little less so, but still enjoyable. Thai-duck-rolls for starters were tasty. Very cost-effective, Thai beer at E2.50 a bottle, desserts for E3.50 (the coconut cake is good), mains come in at around E8 each. I recommend three main dishes between two people as you'll be hungry otherwise. Very, very friendly staff - a real surprise for this otherwise quiet street.

El Petit Bangkok : Veure Ressenya Completa >>
25 oct 2008 13:21:04
Possibly the Best value for money restaurant in the city. proper authentic thai food. For a simple menu with great noodle dishes can´t be beat ansd if you like your Thai food get over to Thai Thai on Diputacio for a more expansive menu. The 2 best Thai restaurants in the city.

El Petit Bangkok : Veure Ressenya Completa >>

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